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All English classes are taught by qualified teachers with many years of experience in language teaching.

English belongs to the western group of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family as well as Dutch, German, Flemish and Frisian. But nevertheless retains a clear relationship with the continent Saxon (Low German dialect). Country where the official language is English is called an English-speaking country. 

The lessons of all language proficiency levels set by the European Council (from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Mastery) are possible. It is also possible to follow courses for students interested in preparing for international examinations (TOEFL, etc). Classes are held with native speakers teachers with wide practical experience in language teaching.

English course has never been so easy and fun!

"Language Land" offers individual English language courses, intensive and extensive, with a variety of schedules to satisfy each your demand.

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native English speaker teacher
native English speaker teacher


Native language: English (American) 

Education: io Hondo College in California, 2004-2006

UCLA Anderson School of Management 2006-2009

UACJ (México Ciudad Juárez) 2009-2012

 Certification: TESOL / TEFL (México, 2013)

Experience: 4 years

Languages:  Spanish, Russian (average)



Hello my name is Raul G. Vazquez a native English speaker (American), I was Raised and Educated in California USA. I have extensive experience with both young and adult students. I develop customized courses according to the needs, English level and goals of each student, achieving the set goals on the established period of time. Making me a great choice I will be more than happy to help you, see you soon!

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