Spanish or castigliano is the language that belongs to the group of Romance languages. According to research by SIL International and the Institute of Cervantes in 2012, Spanish was the second language spoken in the world after Chinese (we are talking about 414 million people who speak Spanish as a first language). 

If you want to pass the DELE exam or any other, our school will provide you with all the necessary material and exercises in order to enable you to get the best result.

DELE (Diploma de español como Lengua Extranjera) is the official title, which determines the level of knowledge of the Spanish language. DELE is of great importance at the international level, and for someone who wants to enroll in a Spanish university or for someone who will work in a country where Spanish is the official language, this will be a decisive turning point!

Spanish native speaker teacher
Spanish native speaker teacher



Mother tongue: Spanish

Education: Degree

Experience: 7 years

Languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, Greek 


Enthusiastic, ethical, honest. I have the skills and knowledge essential for language teaching. Since 2011 I've been taught my native language - Spanish. I like to work, I always try to improve my work and do my best. Sign up for my Spanish course!