The  aim  of  the  language  school  "Language Land"  is  to  make  you  learn  foreign  languages quickly and naturally.

scuola di lingue online

During the course, attention is paid not only to the basic  rules  of  grammar  and  syntax, but  also many  conversational  topics  are considered in the studied language.

What is the structure of our courses?


Our  native  speaking  teachers prepare  stimulating and creative lessons, organized according  to the needs  of  each student, depending on the time,  which he intends to devote  to the  course and on the  level of each  student. Each  lesson  consists  of  two parts - supply  grammatical material  and  exercises for you to have the  opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

School Rules and Regulations


• Classes are held exclusively through the program «skype». Using a webcam is optional and at the discretion of the teacher 

• The duration of the first trial lesson is 30 minutes

• The duration of the lesson is 60 or 45 minutes 

• Lesson Schedule is determined individually between the teacher and the student

• The time of the lesson is to be determined according to the local time in Italy

• Any  lesson  with  one  pupil may be postponed by prior  agreement, not later than 4  hours before  the  lesson. The  student  must  notify  the  teacher  by e -mail,  skype or sms

• Manuals and supplementary materials are provided by the teacher in electronic  form (by e -mail or via Skype)

• In the case of connection problems the minutes lost will be recovered with the next lesson


   Payment Methods

• The first trial lesson (30 minutes) is free of charge

• Minimum payment - 5 lessons

• Payment must be received on the  school’s account not later  than 24 hours before the beginning of the first lesson

• Accepted Payment Methods:

   bank transfer